Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

With all the recent Marvel crazy going around I decided to see the new Captain America movie, I was very surprised at how well rounded the movie was. For those of you who do not know who this “Captain America” is here a little look at this Marvel hero.

Created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, Captain America first appeared in Marvel comics in 1941 with Captain America Comics. Steve Rogers is Captain America’s alter ego, Steve grew up dreaming to fight in the war, and was rejected every time because of his physique. He then was recruited into a super soldier program where they injected “super serum” which made him Captain America! (more…)

My Aspirations for an Internship 2013

My future, that is what I try to think about from time to time. For example, what am I going to do when I grow up? Is what I am learning now going to help me later on? If I eat this how will it affect me?

Now you might be thinking “that’s a great way to think”, but it’s not easy. If I go to bed late it is hard for me to get up in the morning for school. I am learning to stay committed to what I know is right for myself.


Then there are some things that I know 99.99% will benefit my future, an internship is one of those things.

My desire is to apply my skills in an environment where I can learn and contribute. (more…)

My Awesome Day

This post is going to be a little different, its about my daily life at age 13.

To start a day waking up is not my strength, I am not morning person. I am very tired and don’t want to get out of bed.

HINT: Go to bed 1hr earlier

I make my way downstairs for morning family time, I fall asleep on the couch and  wake up to brother laughing at something, probably me.
After our morning family time I turn my computer on and hop on my DI (direct instruction webinar) it is 8:00am. After sending notes to my teacher I press on to do the rest of my school. Finally I go by the fireplace and take a 5 minute nap. Nope not a five min nap more like 30 min… but I was determined to finish my school! (more…)

My Education Idea

Hello everyone. I am sorry that I have not been posting for a while, school has been holding me back but I finally got the chance to create one on my winter break! Now, I have realized that time is short and that years are flying by, (it is already 2013). I am in 8th grade and going into 9th soon I have realized that college is only a few years away. I need to step up my game. I am only 13 but I hope that I can look into the future, like what am I going to do for a living? What college should I go to? How can I be valued by businesses and colleges around the states?
I would like to pursue something in technology, from programming to robots. I would love to get a internship at a software or computer company. If I where to get a letter of recommendation from an internship with one of these companies, it would give me more chances to consider a career in this type of field and lets me decide if I would like to work at a computer or software company one day.

My plan in life is to consider the future and long term goals find out what I am good at and to server other in any possible way I can.

Summers is Over!

This summer has been lots of fun I just finished my season of baseball! I have also improved the blog which now has 36 posts, I have been working out in the gym by my house. I just started to 8th grade a few weeks ago, it is going to be tough but I can do it. Schools not going to be great but I know that i will have fun doing school.

I have not played soccer since I was five but I thought i would give it a try to see if my Brazilian genes would help me out. Well I found out that soccer is not for me. This year in Branson they are mixing it up when compared from past years. Instead of giving me a schedule for the week, they will give me what I have to and I have to schedule it on my own, they are teaching on time management. (more…)

2012 Firework Ban Colorado

Fireworks! When I hear that word I think of China, fire, explotions and colors. Have you heard of the 2012 Colorado fires? Well there is a total of 11 it is crazy how fire can spread so fast! Over 600 family have lost therehomes and have been 2 deaths. Some of the fires have mostly started because of lighting and only one or two because of fireworks. This might go down as the biggest fire season in history.

According to the news the firework ban in Colorado it is because of fear of starting or increasing wildfires. Colorado’s Front Range is being hit hard by these fires and firefighters are trying their best to contain it.

The weather is not very good for fireworks itself because of all the low humidity and the summer heat. These conditions make it easy to start a fire. The states that have banned fireworks for 4th of july are Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Utah and Wisconsin. I found this out at the ABC news. (more…)

My Trip to The Slump Buster Tournament

My baseball Team and I went to a tournament in Omaha, we had a blast! The long 8 hour drive was long but was so worth it! The funny part about this trip is where we were staying. It was just a a regular super 8 hotel nothing fancy, but it was right on the border of Iowa and Nebraska! We left a day early to Omaha because we where going to go and see some of the games. We went and saw the Kent State vs the South Carolina Gamecocks. The day that we got there the game was called off because of the rain.

the Big Flip

The next day was Thursday, very hot, and the Gamecocks sadly defeated Kent State. The reason why I think they won is because the day that was delayed the pitcher (for the Gamecocks) was going to be there third pitcher not there best pitcher but when that number one pitcher got another days, rest he got to pitch in that game and Kent lost.

My Grandmas visit to Colorado

My grandma came from Ohio the 6th of  June and left the 15th of June, we had lots of fun.

Day One.

The day she arrived was a resting day I had a late baseball practice and we where all tired especially my Grandma from the flight. So we just relaxed that day and did nothing that active.

Day Two.

For breakfast my mom made waffles with strawberry sauce and butterscotch sauce.  After that we talked about her trip and how tings where back in Ohio.  Then we had sandwiches for lunch and had soup for dinner. This was more of a recovery day with the climate, it was hard for my grandma to adjust.

Day Three.

We had fun we also did some shopping.

Day Four.

For day four we watched movies and had fun. The movie we watched was Oceans 12 and 13. We really did not do much for this day.

Day Five.

This was a fun day for my grandma because we went to the Park Meadows Mall in and went  to the Microsoft store it was fun.

The Rockies game

Day Six.

Day six is when we went to Estes Park for the day and it was a blast we took thousands of pictures, ate ice cream, went to thrift stores and much more. It was a very entertaining and a fun place to be at. It had little ice cream, and taffy, stores everywhere!

My brother being crazy at the Rockies Game

Day Seven

Day seven was an exciting day and disappointing. On this day we went to the Rockies game and my grandma loved it. Todd Helton hit a grand slam home run! Sadly they did not win the game! Even though they where up 8 to 3!

Day Eight

This day was a packing day for my grandma so she packed and we just spent time with her.

Day Nine

This was day she was leaving but before she left we played a board game called Ticket to Ride. It was fun but after the game we said our goodbyes and she left to the airport back to Ohio. That is not all, my grandmas flight was cancelled because of the storms that day. The plane was circling Denver but could not land so the plan that was supposed to take her to Cleveland, went to New Mexico to fill up on gas. So my dad went to pick her up and she stayed another day!

Day Ten

Day ten she sadly had to leave and had a safe trip home.

Please leave me a commentof what you are doing with your family this summer.

My Favorite Books

Books! Things you read, enjoy, and can imagine. I love books they are great when you have nothing to do. Believe it or not every book gets you thinking, it can be fantasy, fiction, romance, biography, action etc.

When you need a break go to that interesting book you have.

  • My personal favorite books are the
  •  The Mysterious Benedict Society series by Trenton Lee Stewart.
  • Left Behind (40 book series) by Jerry B. Jenkins.
  • Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan.
  •  The Hunger games trilogy by Susan Collins.
  • And The Ribbajack by Brain Jacques.

These books are all very good but the best book series of all is Redwall by Brain Jacques. I am on the third book called Mattimeo it is about a fox named Slagar who wants revenge against Redwall. Sorry I have not finished the book yet, but if you want to go ahead and read Redwall, then Mossflower and then you can finally read Mattimeo and find out.

Redwall and Mossflower are both slow in the begining but when the story builds up it is so much easier to understand and is more exciting. These book are all about the life a little castle called Redwall with talking animals. In the first book, Redwall, it is a tail about a little mouse and a big sea rat and how the sea rats try to conquer Redwall.

Now Mossflower is a different story if you pay attention to the names in this book you will see what connection it has to the first book. This is the story before Redwall was created it is when the future Readwall animals are called woodlanders because they live in the Mossflower wood or forest. They are under the rule of the Tsarmina.

All the books of Redwall

Overall they are in battle in these two books and is a crazy adventure of all these characters. I would recommend these books to 11 year old and up or a Lexile score of  800.

Brain Jacques is the author of these books and is my favorite author ever! Sadly I can never meet him because he died on February 5th 2011 (aged 71) in Liverpool England. His books are amazing, he has over 15 books in the Redwall series and his books are thick, but it is worth reading.

Overall books are a great thing, I am so glad they exist they and that they can last for a long time. It is a great thing when you buy a book you read it then you can come back and read it again and get more information ever time you read it again.

What kind of books do you like to read? Leave a comment and let me know. Thanks for reading.

Image credit: Thailand Used books, M.M.B, and Amazon.

Review of My 4th Generation iPod Touch

Hello all, I do not intend to get super detailed I just want to share a little review of my 4th generation iPod Touch I just got for my 13 birthday! I will talk about what I like and dislike about my iPod touch. As you can see in the picture below the average kids 13-17 have iPod touches instead of iPhones, it does not matter what generation the kids 13-17 have, it is just that they more of them have iPod touches instead of iPhone.

Hears what I like about my 4th generation iPod touch.

  • It is very smooth, when you touch it it responds very fast.
  • It works fast and is very reliable, I love all the features that it comes with like the calculator, stocks, weather and the map.
  • The Camera is very clear, can store a lot of pictures. The videos are clear but it is not like a video camera.
  • It can carry lots of information, about anything you want, and is very helpful if you are like me and can’t remember everything.

Hear is what i don’t like like about it my iPod touch.

  • I don’t like that it gets scratched easily, I am waiting for a case to arrive that I bought on amazon I hope that it will last.
  • I don’t like that some times, some of the apps crash. The reason why some of the apps crash is if you play them too long, for a period of time, or if you have hundreds of games on your iPod.

Overall I would rate my 4th generation iPod touch 4 stars.

I would recommend to get a case as soon as possible. I use my iPod touch for texting and games it is almost like a phone but you can’t call and you need Wi-fi to play certain games and when sending messages.This is a great starting communicating device and can be use at any Wi-fi Hotspot.
If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch let me know what you think about it and leave a comment below. Thanks for reading.
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